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Supplements should be just that – a supplement to your fitness regimen – not a substitute for one.

If you are relying on supplements, particularly fat burners or metabolism boosters, to make up for your poor eating habits and a lack of regular exercise, then you are only hurting yourself.

A healthy lifestyle includes a sensible diet and regular exercise. There is no substitute for either.

While some supplements – ephedrine-based fat burners in particular – can be effective in giving the appearance of a healthy body, it can come at a great cost. The caffeine-aspirin-ephedrine combination used in the most popular fat burners has been known to cause headaches and dizziness in many users. There are also several fatalities which are reportedly linked to the use of these products.

Even if the possible side effects are of no concern to you, consider this. These products generally cost at least $30 for a month’s supply. How long are you going to pay $30 per month for a fat burner? Unless you’re willing to do it forever, you will eventually stop using it and at that point you will re-gain whatever weight you may have lost from using the product.

In the case of the ephedrine-based products, prolonged use (more than 12 weeks) can have serious side effects.

Rather than temporarily manipulate your metabolism by using these products, the better way is to learn to eat properly and lose the weight naturally. This method may take a bit longer, but the results will last a lifetime and the end result will be a longer and healthier life, which is the whole idea anyway.

The long-term effects of other popular supplements like creatine and androstene are still up for debate. While many bodybuilders swear by these supplements, they have not been in use long enough to determine what, if any, long-term effects they have on the body.

And if you think the cost of fat burners is high, wait until you see the price tag for the most popular creatine and andro products. Buy them all, like many people do, and you might need to take a second job to pay for it all.

I believe the best supplement for most people is the most basic – a high-quality protein or meal replacement powder. If you are going to lift weights for muscle gain, your body must have plenty of protein. There are several products on the market which supply your body with enough protein and other nutrients to facilitate muscular increase.

Products containing 100% whey protein are the most popular today because whey protein is the most quickly and fully assimilated by the body. Having said that, I still prefer a product that derives its protein from a variety of sources – whey, soy, egg, etc. Pro Complex by Optimum Nutrition is an excellent multi-protein product. Pro Complex has 55 grams of protein per serving derived from a variety of sources.

By combining these different sources of protein, it acts as a “time released” formula because the body assimilates the various proteins at different times. Therefore you have a steady stream of protein rather than a huge dose all at once.

As for meal replacement powders, I think Myoplex Deluxe from EAS is one of the best. It delivers 42 grams of protein and contains a full range of vitamins and minerals needed for the rigors of weightlifting. Myoplex also comes in a Mass formula, designed for packing on muscle, and a Lite formula, which can be used to provide nutrients while losing weight.

Remember, the term “bodybuilding” implies that we are building something. Don’t tear your body down by relying on potentially harmful supplements or steroids as a substitute for hard work.

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