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Who Needs a Personal Trainer?

You may be asking yourself, “Do I need a personal trainer?”

In the end, that is a decision that only you can make. But let me give you an idea of the kind of people who do hire personal trainers. As you might expect, it is a diverse group that includes those who have never trained before to world-class athletes and celebrities.

The first group would be the ones who are totally unfamiliar with fitness and nutrition principles and need some sound advice and instruction to get them started on the right path. This group can range from the very young, to middle-age and older adults who have never been interested in fitness before.

This actually encompasses the largest group of people. Why? Because most people wait until something becomes a problem before trying to fix it. Kind of like a sore tooth. You know you should go to the dentist, but most of us will put it off until the pain becomes too intense to tolerate any longer.

Fitness is much the same way. Many people ignore the warning signs and put off starting that fitness regimen until it becomes apparent that one is absolutely necessary. Sometimes it comes at the urging of a doctor, while at other times a simple look in the mirror is enough.

This group is looking for instruction on proper exercise technique, program design and nutritional guidance.

Another group is those who have exercised off and on throughout their lives, but for one reason or another have stopped their fitness regimen. These people have a basic understanding of exercise technique, but are mainly in need of motivation to get their program jump-started again.

Others have tried again and again to implement a fitness program on their own, but for one reason or another are never able to sustain it for very long. Many times work or family obligations make it difficult for them to consistently find the time to work out on their own. For these people, hiring a personal trainer and making an “appointment” to work out is the key to consistency.

Another group is the very athletic types who have worked out for most of their lives, but want to shake up their regimen to reach another level of fitness. Perhaps their routine has become stagnant, or they have reached a plateau in their training and want something a little different to get over that hump.

Others are training for a particular sport, like golf, football or baseball, and are looking for a sports-specific program to maximize performance.

If you fit any of these descriptions, then you could benefit from the help of a personal trainer.

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