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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about my personal training services.

There are a lot of personal trainers out there. How do I know you're the right one for me?
I have devoted several pages on this site to explaining my philosophy on a variety of subjects, from eating to exercising. Giving you as much information as possible makes it easier for you to make a well-informed choice. For a list of these pages, go to my topics page.

What are your rates?
My personal training fee is $90 per one-hour session. I also offer a package of 12 pre-paid sessions for $950, a savings of $130 over the per-session rate.

Can you train two people simultaneously?
Yes. If you and a friend or family member would like to train together, the combined fee is $150 per one-hour session. A package of 12 pre-paid sessions is $1,500, a savings of $300 over the per-session rate.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, for your convenience you can pay online with any major credit card or by electronic check. For more information, go to my payment page.

Where will we train?
That is up to you. We can train at a gym, recreation center, local park or in the privacy of your home. Wherever you feel the most comfortable is the right place for you. Be aware that gym fees or membership dues are not included in the personal training fees.

When are you available?
I am available 24 hours a day, six days a week (I do not work on Sunday). I realize most people have work or family obligations and simply cannot exercise during the day. I am a night owl myself, and will be happy to work with you at a time that fits your schedule.

How long before I start noticing results?
Many factors determine individual results. While most people begin to feel better almost immediately, lasting changes in your body shape will take several months to achieve. In most cases we are trying to reverse years of poor eating and exercise habits, so change will take some time. The key is to stick with it and not get discouraged if you don't see overnight changes. If you work hard, change will come.

I am a woman. If I lift weights will I look like those female bodybuilders I see on TV?
This is a common misconception and fear of many women. The answer is, no, lifting weights will not give you a man's physique. The "masculine" look you see in female bodybuilding contests is the result of heavy steroid use. If you are a woman, lifting light weights will tone and sculpt your body and will not "bulk you up" like a man.

Why do you teach Biblical eating principles?
If you listen to all the latest nutritional studies it will leave you confused and discouraged. One study will encourage us to eat a certain food only to have another study contradict those findings a few months later. I believe the Bible is God's "instruction manual" for us and, as such, is the best source of information on how we should care for our bodies.

What do you think of steroids?
I am unequivocally opposed to the use of steroids, or any other chemical means of obtaining results. The countless adverse side effects of steroids are well documented and, quite frankly, I cannot see why anyone in their right mind would want to use them.

Does that include fat burners?
The most popular and effective fat burners are ephedrine-based products and they, too, can have serious side effects with prolonged use. To me the point is this: If you rely on artificial means to stimulate your metabolism, you are going to be back at square one when you discontinue the use of the product. Whatever weight you lose while using fat burners will quickly return when you stop taking them. It's that simple. In my opinion, fat burners are a poor substitute for a healthy, balanced diet.

How do we get started?
We will begin by discussing your current fitness level and your short-term and long-term goals. Then I will design a program to help you get there. To get started, go to my contact page and we will proceed from there.

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